"Kim Armstrong's-A Popular Dance" ... also known as "The Best Dancing DJ Show in the World" --- groovypuddin@gmail.com --- ......

Kim Armstrong's "A Popular Dance Class" USA Performance Schedule Welcome  To Kim Armstrong's "A Popular Dance Class" Homepage "A Popular Dance Class" Photo Gallery Page

Yes, Kim Armstrong really is "A Popular Dance Class".

Oh Yes ... You've come to the right place. 

Yes. "A Popular Dance" is an energetic, hand-clapping, hip-shaking, head-bobbing, toe-tapping, eye-rolling, breath-taking, finger-popping, audience-interactive, American popular dancing participatory showcase. 

Yes. EVERYBODY has a mighty good time during this fun-filled, family-fun, no-holds barred, entertainment time-and-time again.  Kim Armstrong's crowd-pleasing show,"A Popular Dance", is plenty of Fun.

Yes. "A Popular Dance" really is "the Best Audience Participatory Dance Entertainment Show in the World".  Attendees are going to enjoy this show. Sitting down Watching isn't allowed. No parking on the dancefloor.

Yes. Folks seize this opportunity to flex their personality. Trying out those groovy dance moves and joining others as a solo line-dancing mass. Including dancing individually at the same time by way of good music and fellowship.


"Absolutely The Best Hand-clapping, Neck-rolling, Head-bobbing, Toe-tapping, Finger-popping. Hip-shaking, Audience-Interactive Dance Entertainment Activity Showcase in the World"

"Give Your Attendees, Your Staffers, and Yourself a Very Special Treat"

"Kim Armstrong's A Popular Dance" is still the best audience-interactive entertainment dance activity performance showcase. This is a family-friendly presentation accompanied with good American dance music for everyone. Folks, young and old, will have an absolute ball doing a wide variety of popular American mass/group sequential dancing.

*Kim Armstrong's "A Popular Dance" has been certified to entertain as part of the United States Troop Morale Services Division of Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) on military installations throughout the globe promoting family team building. 

*Performing for First Night Raleigh, Kim Armstrong was featured on the Fayetteville Street main stage, and the Children's Plaza.  Performing for First Night Delray Beach, Kim Armstrong was featured on his own Atlantic Street stage for 6-shows.

 *Kimmee's crowd-pleasing American Cancer Society's "Celebration on the Hill" performance in Washington, DC, was featured on The National Mall Main Stage as a headling performer. More than 200 attendees from different states enjoyed dancing various popular dances.

"Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" continues to be a much-requested entertainment activity for more than 1,000 American Cancer Society Relay For Life fundraisers nationwide.  In addition, he has a dedicated following among many other Atlanta organizations.


"A Popular Dance Class" is aerobically delicious.

Yes. You should give attending audience a chance to dance. This will be a swell treat. They'll thank you constantly. Totally out-of-sight and it is best to contact "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" by E-mail --- groovypuddin@gmail.com --- for future schedulings.

You can speak directly to Kimmee for specific scheduling. The conversation will answer all your immediate concerns by telephoning him personally at 678-412-1460. "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" is a great service and will be economically priced to fit any budget.


"Everybody like and Really do want to Dance...Publicly."

Yes, "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" is a very entertaining showase. Prompting the audience to totally engage into a lot of fun.  Everybody, including spectators, will really enjoy the getting down during "A Popular Dance". The public space is socially distanced and filled with dancing people. Everyone creates a comfortable dance area spot of their own.

Particularly amazing are the attendees. Yes, the young, the old, the single, and the married are actually on-beat and in-time doing a wide variety of popular dance moves.  Funky American popular "easy-to-do" mass line dancing group sequences. These are commonly known by a majority of American Citizens throughout the United States.

For example, these group dances are the electric slide, the down south shuffle, the cha-cha slide are always included. Perhaps the mississippi slide, the chicken dance, the monorail. Maybe even the cupid shuffle, the wobble, and the biker shuffle are thrown in as an audience interactive extra-special dancing treat. 

Mr Kim generates so much fun, fellowship, and laughs among EVERYBODY. Even in the audience. While the spectators are watching the audience, and grooving with the music along with the attendees. "Kim armstrong-A Popular Dance" uses current popular CD dance music from his library of hip tunes that keeps all the attendees stay on-the-one and in-sync.

A fabulous heartwarming visually delightful spectacle. "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" is must-have activity. There are many favorably memorable entertaining moments for ALL.  Everybody has a very good American time. Yes, the attendees will jam, the staffers will groove... and YOU too... will have a swell time with "Kim Armstrong's-A Popular Dance".



Hey Kim -

I need to make sure you have Walton County on your RFL schedule.

Plus these other Relay For Life locations:

Newton County
Barrow County
Jackson County 
Morgan County
Madison County 
Greene County 
Banks County 
Putnam County 

possibly Hart County.

Serving Newton, Barrow & Jackson Counties
American Cancer Society
Athens, GA 30605


We met at Barrow's Relay for Life. I was one of the 4 crazy ladies who you danced to death. I was wondering if you were available on Sunday for my son's Graduation Party. It will be at Fort Yargo State Park Shelter-A from 12pm-8pm. I hope you can because I know people including the kids will have a blast. I have been bragging on you!!! I've told everybody to bring their dancing shoes. We haven't told Trent you were coming. He is going to flip out when he learns we're having music, dancing. and you.
Thanks, Melinda Shealey 



Hi Mr Amstrong,

I would like to personally thank you for entertaining us at the Clayton County Relay 4 Life Event.  We would also like to invite you back next year to participate. Thank you for participating in the Relay For Life of Clayton County. Your energy, enthusiasm and talent were enjoyed by all! Due to your support, the Relay For Life of Clayton County raised more than $130,000 surpassing their goal of $120,000 to help fund our research, patient service programs, advocacy efforts.

Again, thank you so much and have a great day!

Sophia Autrey



Hi Kim,
Thank you so much for performing at Arts in the Garden this year!  It was wonderful and such an interactive motivating time for everyone.  I was just wondering if you have a contact address we could mail a thank letter.  Thanks so much again!
Best Wishes,
Cori Snyder, MM, MT-BC
Music Therapist and MT Internship Director
Decatur, GA 30034




Hi Kim,

Whitfield would love to have you at their Relay!!  I have heard many great things about you!  I talked to the entertainment chair about you performing and we were thinking a good time would be before the luminary ceremony when our crowd will be at the highest.  The luminary ceremony will probably begin around 9:30 or 9:45. We are finalizing our entertainment schedule for the Whitfield County Relay.  I wanted to see if you could perform at 9:00 PM.  I have set aside two shirts for you. 

I look forward to meeting you!!

American Cancer Society
Dalton, GA 30720
We Are Here. All Day Every Day.  Finding A Cure In Your Community.




Oconee Relay is tonight.  Jennifer is in charge of that event.  I know your schedule maybe filled.  

Kerie Rowe would like you to come to Elbert County again at McWilliams Park in Elberton about 10 pm.

Kerie also has Walton relay and would like you to attend that event as well.   

Thanks for all you do for us.  

Cindy Evans



Hey! I'm so excited about this Friday at Lumpkin's relay!  I wanted to let you know that you will be staying at the Econo Lodge in Dahlonega. I will see you this Friday!

American Cancer Society
Community Manager
Gainesville, GA 30501



You are a good man!

Thanks-- see you there.  I'll have something special for you with me that night.  Call if needed. You have no idea how many people requested your presence at our Newton County relay!  We really do appreciate all you do for our cause.
Pam Moss


Hi Kim

It looks like you may be interested in participating in some Relay’s in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  Well, my mom and I are in charge of entertainment of our Relay – the Tri City Relay.  This is for Middleburg Hts, Berea and Brook Park Ohio.  Our event is going to be held on Saturday starting at 2:00 pm and running until 8:00 am Sunday . 

We would love to have you at our Relay.  Not sure when the Barberton and Parma relays are and if you would be willing to come to Cleveland more than once, but would love to have you.  I have attached the link to our website.

Please consider joining us.  Sure looks like it would be fun - I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing your routine.  Thanks for considering us.  You can call or email me anytime.

Susan Schacht


Hi Kim, I have been trying to get in touch with you, but the email I had was always mistyped.  The time I have for you for Elbert is 9:45-10:30.  Please let me know if this is what you were told.  Thank you!

 Celebrate.     Remember.     Fight back. 


Hi Susan - You might want to check out the information below. It looks like he is interested in entertaining a couple other local relays and he might be willing to do the Tri-City Relay. I asked the girl at work who had him at one of her Relay's and she said he was a lot of fun.

Might be worth a shot. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week!

Katie Rosenbalm
Income Development Specialist
Cleveland, OH 44106

My name is Stephanie Carter and I am the head of Entertainment for Berry College's Relay For Life.  I have been told that you would be willing to perform for us at our event. If you are still available I cannot think of a more energetic person to have at our event.
The Relay is on Friday starting 7pm. If you could perform after our Luminary ceremony at dusk it would really help everyone to get going again.
Please let me know how you feel.
Thank You,
Stephanie Carter
Berry College
Relay For Life
Entertainment Chair


Hi Kim,
I was wondering if you would be available for dance lessons at the Griffin/Spalding County Relay again this year. We are looking forward to having you back, when you get a chance to look at your schedule, can you send me an email and let me know what time you can come?

HI Kim -

Thank you so much for coming to Bartow's kickoff.  You really helped end it on an exciting note!   I sent Stephanie an email, but I will also give you her email address.  Also, Haley Watts is the new staff person for that relay.  She also staffs Polk, Haralson and Floyd County.  Thank you again.  I look forward to seeing you out at the relays!

American Cancer Society
Northwest Georgia Area Manager
Thanks you -
    My name is Kim Armstrong.  Everyone is in store for a special treat. Kim Armstrong’s exciitng American interactive family audience show is called “A Popular Dance”.
    The best way to describe “A Popular Dance” is family dance fun that's “Aerobically Delicious”. "A Popular Dance" is ideal for all everyone. A finger-popping, toe-tapping, hand-clapping joy.
    Absolutely ”the Best interactive popular dance entertainment activity in the World”. This is a completely new and fresh contemporary popular dance entertainment presentation show.
    The audience will enjoy the many group dances and lively American popular dance sequences. It is a whole lot of swell fun. Accompanied with current pre-recorded R&B, Pop, and groovy Soul CD music.
    Electric and cha-cha slides included. Yes, I'd like to be of service to all events. My music is hip and my dances are toe-tappers. I encourage everyone to have plenty of fun.
    Everyone will have a very good time.                      = KA    

  - Again, Thank You, for your Valuable Time.

Contact Name: "Kim Armstrong - A Popular Dance"  
Contact Phone:  678-412-1460
Email Address: groovypuddin@gmail.com

Hello Kim
       Sorry it has taken me so long to reply ,but you know that everyone wants their hair done and wants to look good.You are very welcome we all had a blast. With your energy it made everyone else want to move also.I will keep your info handy because we have a lot of functions @ Supercuts that could use your carisma.
Thanks Again
                                Charmaine Hayes,
                                Supercuts Inc
                                District Manager

Hello, Miss McKay -

     Thank You, Miss McKay, I'm glad everyone had a good time yesterday at Walmart's Festival in Laurel Park. Thanks for endorcing me in front of everybody.  It really touched me.
     Yes, the stage area setup worked out well. My portable sound system, microphones, and enjoyable music wasn't too loud to get toes-a-tapping. Oh yeah, thanks for two good days.
     The fee honorarium is equitable and fair. The food was out-of-sight so were the hundreds of Walmart people. Everyone of them is a star.
     You are very popular. Did you know saturday your friends were begging me to get you on the dance floor. You're too pretty and they seemed too anxious. 
    The tug of war was so popular that a woman's wig flew off when the rope broke between stores 510 and 1111. She's a good sport and laughed along with as a special gift.
    Yes, it was a hit. It is heartwarming when folks confidently come up on a stage and do they're "thang" in front of co-workers.
    Sunday, we broke four of those white plastic chairs doing funky musical chairs. They don't make them like they used to. They had a ball.
     I enjoyed watching those the grown folks with a gleam in their eyes. They are winners. Young folks and grown folks alike.
    My talent portions were great.  Wowwed the crowd. Was an audience delight.  A good chronicle for the entire event. Yes, ma'am, I'd still like to come back next year.
     Again, thank you very much for allowing me to be of civic service to the good people of Walmart keeping America strong.
     I'm glad everyone had a very good time.     = KA
Hi Mr. Armstrong,
     My name is Cody Mitchell and I heard you at a carnival at the Suwanee Kroger not to long ago. I loved your energy and was wondering if you'd do me the honor of playing at my reception.
I would also like to know your prices and you music selection. If you could please call meor email me. I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time. Everyone is raving and hope to hear from you soon.
 Cody Mitchell
Hello Kim!

You are so precious. I liked the party.  You are a special sincere person.  I truly enjoyed you and Miss Luella enjoyed you too.  Thanks so much.  Your dancing is great. Our company manager said it made the whole evening so enjoyable. 

your friend,

Linda Jackson
Card Showers Inc.



Thanks for confirming your entertainment for WesleyWalk at Stone Mountain United Methodist Church, saturday. You should arrive around 6:30am to set up. We have a program beginning at 7:45am before the walk this year.

Like last year, you will be the key performer, especially if we have problems with other program participants who want to be a part of our show.... We will have a check for you before you depart at noon.

As always, we appreciate everything you do for Wesley Community Centers, Inc!! If you need to reach me, please call.  Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks for all your energetic support!

Ginger, Margaret, Gloria, Fran, Joy, and Cande
Wesley Community Centers               

Great, we all are ready and awaiting for the Super Sunday. I will see you there with Sushita Vadlamani and Tom Jones on Sunday at 10:00 am.
Please feel free to call me if you need more information, and call on my cell phone as you arrive in centennial park . 
Thanks Kim, appreciate for all your help.
- Sincerely
Akila Babwani

A Better World is Now Within Walking Distance...
Join Partnership Walk and help end global poverty!
Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston & Los Angeles.

Hello -
   Sure, Kim Armstrong's "A Popular Dance" would like to be of fun service, Rabun's Relay for Life entertainment.
   Add me to the schedule around 10pm ish. Also, if your like an additional earlier time. It'll be my pleasure.
   Hope to see ya' there.                                  = KA


Oh Yeah -
   Sure. I can appear for both your America's Walk for Diabetes. Saturday's Grant Park Walk and the October Alpharetta's Walk.
   Also, last year, I noticed the sound gear operated by a radio station sponsor in Alpharetta. They used my CD player and used me as an announcer.
   This year, I would like to provide the sound and announcements for both events. Maybe a sponsor-services ad arrangement or my logo info on the t-shirts could suffice. 
   Everyone will again have a very good time.         = KA


Wow, Barbara -

   I just got word about the retirement party's dwindling budget. I've thought hard about the situation. Yes, I would still like to be of service helping to make this swell occasion groovy.
   Patricia Armstrong mentioned, money should sometimes take a back seat to benevolence. Mrs. Farris is proud of her Kroger folks. They go beyond their duties to keep Kroger's Zone-L "super".
   I'll begin setting up at noon, and carry-on with loads of fun for everyone. I've already re-arranged my plans from a Holy Comforter Church appointment to service the retirement party.
    Sorry, I don't remember you from Kroger's Sandy Springs Bag-off. I had a good time. We'll get reacquainted at the party. About your budget constraints. I'm hoping for a suitable honorarium.
   Everyone will still have a very good time, especially you, Barb. I have directions to the facility. I am not sure which pavilion it is held. The best way to keep me posted is by e-mail, groovypuddin@gmail.com  
                                                               = KA

Hello, Tonya -
   My name is Kim Armstrong. Thank you for receiving my telephone call and keeping me in the Catfish Festival loop. Kim Armstrong’s interactive family audience show is called “A Popular Dance”.
   The best way to describe “A popular Dance” is family dance fun that is… “Aerobically Delicious”. "A Popular Dance" is ideal for all ages and sizes. A finger-popping and hand-clapping joy.
   Absolutely ”the Best interactive popular dance entertainment activity in the world”. This is a completely new and fresh popular dance entertainment presentation show.
   They'll enjoy the many audience group dances and lively American popular dance sequences. It is a whole lot of swell fun. Accompanied with current pre-recorded R&B, Pop, and groovy Soul CD music.
   Electric and cha-cha slides included.                        = KA

Hi Kim -

Please contact Dekalb County State Court Judge Barbara Mobley. She would like to book you and your services for Sunday, from 3 pm till about 8 pm in the backyard of her home.


Hello, Nicole -

  I'm glad you'all enjoyed my show, "A Popular Dance". Everyone had a super good time, Saturday, 1pm and 10pm. Both shows in Southfield, Michigan ACS-RFL activities.
  Yes, I love to spread fun. Everyone, young and old, parents and kids, couples and singles will have a very good time finger-popping and toe-tapping. 

  "A Popular Dance"  is still the best totally interactive family audience dance participation activity in the world. Attendees dug dancing alongside me on the stage area too.

   I had no problems using my own AC powered UHF wireless headset and CD player. I'm a scout and sometimes blips occur. I like being prepared for them.

   It will be absolutely delight and a major plus for all the attendees and onlookers. I have a special request. Two of those (xl) souvenir RFL t-shirts for my wife and I. See ya'.       = KA

Thank you for your email! I will gladly pass it along to Jill Williams, my colleague and the coordinator handling all details of the 10th Anniversary Celebration. I so very much enjoyed you and couldn't have managed without your help!
All the best,

Jill Miller
Event Manager
Georgia International Horse Park
Conyers, GA 30013

Hello Kim,

I would like to talk with you about being a part of the Celebration of Service for Hands On Atlanta Day in Centennial Olympic Park.

The timeline of the celebration is 12:30 to 3:30. Do you think you will be able to do it?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sissie Lang
Special Events Coordinator
Hi Kim,

Sounds great!  How much room would you need?  Do you need a tent or tents?  You might want to drop by the park sometime and scope out your spot.  Or arrive fairly early to get the optimal spot for your show.

This will be a HUGE addition to our day.  Thank you!  And I will need to check on that Cha Cha slide...my electric one is excellent and my chicken dance is pretty good too! :)

Judy Narde 
Atlanta Diocese Episcopal Charity Softball Tournament & Family Fun Day

Dear Mr. Armstrong:
  It is that time of the year for our annual Fall Arts Festival and we would like to request your attendance and services. If you would be willing to do our opening ceremonies with your energetic performance and audience participation like you did at the Arts in the Garden event. Our program will begin at 1:00PM. We would love for you to provide the opening entertainment from 1:00PM-1:30PM.  Please let me know if you are available.
 Sherrill Rucker-Peoples
Hi, how are you?  I want to thank you for the wonderful performance you gave at the Upson Co. Relay in Thomaston, GA this year.  Relay members are still raving at what a good time they had with you. 
We are really hoping you will be able to join us again.   Please let me know if you will be available to perform at our Relay.
Hope to hear from you soon.
 Kristi Mulling
 Event Chair

Kim -
Thanks so much for another wonderful Easter Egg Hunt. There were some great photos of the event, including one of you, in this week's issue of the CrossRoads News! Did you see it? If not, I'm happy to mail you a copy.

Thanks again!

Former State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
House District 85