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"Kim Armstrong's A Popular Dance" Out-Of-Sight, Super-Duper, Good and Funky, Uncut, Photo Exhibit

My Picture Page is a swinging place. Displaying swell photos of groovy people during my various out-of-sight performance events.  All of these sizzling photos have a brief  true-life caption beneath it. Giving you a sneak preview of all the fun folks have with "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance".


"Hello You All, Let Me Entertain You, Let Me Make Y'all Smile"

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"I Help To Keep America Strong In Cherokee County, Alabama too."

"Getting Up To Get Down, During So Many Civic Events Organizations Insist I Do Are Packed With So Much Fun"

"Kim Armstrong Is Still The Best Audience Interactive Dance Entertainment Activity Showcase In The World"

"Fox-5 Russ Spencer, Patricia Armstrong, and Suchita Vadlimani Are Having A Very Good Time"

"Oh Yes, We Are Still The Party People In Montgomery, Alabama"

"Oh Yes, It is Obviously True and I'm Sure You Can Feel The Family-Friendly Groove In Atlanta's Piedmont Park"

"Kim Armstrong Is An One-Man Interactive Popular Line Dancing Entertainment Attraction from Cleveland, Ohio"

Yes, Kids have a ball with "Kim Armstrong-A Popular Dance" Attendees Always Have A Lot Of Fun. Yes, They Really Are Great World Citizens Of This Good Earth"

"Just The Way You Like It - cha-cha to the left, then turn to the right, back it up, and Jump"

"Folks Don't Want Me To Stop This Absolutely Outstanding Feeling in Raleigh, North Carolina"

"You Bet, I Can Rock Them Too, in Stone Mountain, Georgia"

"Another Show Inside Atlanta Olympic Centennial Park, Do Fries Go With These Shakes. How About A Napkin To Wipe Away The Sweet Sweat?"

"Everybody Wants To Get In The Act, Including My Lovely Wife, Patricia Armstrong"

"Kids and Teens Trying To Keep Up With The Grown Folks In Atlanta During a Falcon Fans Pep Rally And Having Fun"

"Yes, That's Me, Backstage of The Trumpet Awards Show in Atlanta Having Fun with India.Arie's Mother and Supermodel Renee Davis."

"Me, India.Irie, And Her Super-Duper Friends Backstage During The Trumpet Awards Show."

"The President, Me, CEO John Evans, and The First Lady"

"My Cousins During River Street's Unity In The Community Event in Savannah, Georgia, says; "what you doing down here get back up on that stage."

"Oh My, He's Very Good. A Function at The Junction inside Piedmont Park again. So Baby, You better Come On, Right Now."

"I hope Kim comes back next year. Yeah, I hope so too."

"Wow. I'm Still Dancing Better Than My Daughter."

"Atlanta Service Celebration Day Inside Atlanta's Olympic Centennial Park"

"This is better than going out to those jive bars and boring clubs."

"Swell. Everyone is grooving. Another swell time in Cobb County's Marietta, Georgia. My job is purely done well."

"Yeah, Hold That Tiger, and Bring Kim Back for an Encore."

I'm Often Called "The Dancing DJ" Even During School Career Day Presentations. "

"Those Beautiful Adamsville Recreation Center People Enjoying My Fun"

"This Is What Helps Keep America Beautiful. American Cancer Society Relay For Life Events"

"Good Performances Without Compromise Allow Kiddies To Have Fun Too in Raleigh, North, Carolina "

"It Is A Real Relief To Provide So Much Fantastic Fun To So Many Good People"

"Yum-Yum-Eat 'em-Up, Macaronies"

"Gee-Whiz, That's My Cousin"

"Oh Yes... I Rocks The House...The Whole House Even At Night"

"Everybody Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On"

"Letting Freedoms Ring"

"Yes, She's Also My Cousin Too" --- groovypuddin@gmail.com ---

"Kim Armstrong's A Popular Dance - The Best Audience-Interactive Dance Entertainment Showcase In The World. Where Sitting Down and Watching isn't allowed."